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Complete Property can provide a comprehensive Management Service that will take the hassle of the day to day worries away from the landlord of renting his/her property. Whilst many landlords think that once the property is rented they no longer have any duties to fulfill to the tenant, this can be a big problem. Whilst the majority of properties may not have any problems at all a small issue can become a major concern if not dealt with promptly. This can lead to disgruntled tenants and in turn lead to further problems down the line with the repair of the property or rent collection issues. Our Management service means that should there be any issues that the tenant or the landlord need to be addressed that this issue will be dealt with immediately with as little inconvenience to either party.

The Management Service consists of:

Overseeing Rent Collection

(our computer systems will highlight the day rent is due in and with direct access to Bank Accounts we can check that this has been received on this day)

Should rent not be received we shall contact the tenant immediately. Because of the stringent checks we do when taking on a tenant any non-payment of rent is usually down to common error, bank problems etc and a quick call to the tenant usually rectifies this problem. However, should a tenant not pay rent we shall monitor and take necessary steps to resolve the issue. Tenants are advised that should we have to make regular written requests regarding rent payment we do implement a charge to them for this.


Regular inspections will be carried out on the property. On this inspection all rooms and equipment will be checked for wear and tear, damage etc. Under the terms of the lease we are required to give written notice of our intention to visit as we are not authorised to call without notice. From previous experience we have always found this to be a good chance to check on the tenant and also find out if they have any issues that may lead to problems down the line with the property. Eg a small leak that could easily get out of hand and lead to more intense damage. After all inspections a written report of the condition of the interior and exterior of the property will be sent to the landlord together with any recommendations.

Tenant Queries

Should the tenant have any queries or problems with their lease or property Complete Property will be their first point of contact. Should the issue be an emergency we shall endeavour to help with the problem but we shall also contact the landlord at the first available opportunity and advise them of the problem. Small problems can usually be dealt with without contacting the landlord at all. Should an item be broken we shall ascertain how/why it is broken and who is liable to pay for the damage. We recommend at all times the landlord have adequate insurance for his/her property and insist that the insurance company is aware that the property is rented. We shall also recommend to the tenant that they take out their own insurance for their contents.

When the tenancy is coming to an end we shall contact both the tenant and the landlord to establish their wishes for the coming year. Should both parties wish to continue with the renting of the residence we shall arrange a new lease agreement for the coming year. A fee will be charged for the administration costs.

What is the Charge for this service?

This fee is usually a monthly charge from the rental income. Many of our landlords avail of this service as whilst they are busy it gives them piece of mind that there rent collection is being monitored together with knowing their property in safe hands.


Should you have any questions on this service please feel free to contact a member of our team and we can discuss this service with you in more detail.

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