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What are the benefits to having a management agent?

When employing a management agent you are employing a fully qualified licensed professional to deal with your property.  This company will be fully aware of all the obligations to be met by you and your tenant from not only a legal perspective but the daily running of your tenancy.  The Residential Tenancies Act 2020 is changing all the time and it is important to be aware of how this affects you.

Do you register our property at the RTB (Residential Tenancies Board)?

Yes we look after the registration of it however we do not pay the 90 euro fee.  This is a tax deductible item that you can claim when doing your tax return.

Can I change my mind if I decide at a later date that I don’t want to manage it?

We will always be happy to take over if it is a tenant that we have placed. .

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What is the difference between a ‘Let Only’ and a management service?

With a ‘Let only’  your Agent will take all the necessary steps to ensure your investment has a fully referenced and checked tenant, the lease agreement will be completed and the tenant will be moved in.  From moving in day the rent collection, all queries, repairs, inspections, moving out and accounts will be dealt with by you.  With the Management service you will basically leave everything to us to look after and arrange. (This does not include the actual cost of any repairs that come under the landlord remit).  Should you wish to have more of an input this can also of course be facilitated.  As we have our main team of maintenance people the time and cost is usually much less than you would find yourself.  All of our maintenance people are fully registered and licensed.

Do you sell property?

Yes, we are fully licenced auctioneers and sell many properties.

Why get a licensed professional?

All licensed auctioneers are under continual assessment to ensure the procedures, funds and accounts are kept fully compliant and up to date and are audited twice yearly. The Property Services Regulatory Authority (  carry out regular inspections on Agents.  Should you ever have cause to complain about an Agents services you will have a third party to help you with this.

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